Build & Launch Your Website in 21 Days!

Are you a female coach who is not getting enough leads and sales because your website isn't converting?

Do you want to build & launch your new high-converting website in 21 days or less, so that you can start attracting your Dream Clients and converting them into leads and paying customers?

Female Coach- Website Launch in 2 Weeks
This is an exclusive invitation to become FOUNDING MEMBERS for the beta launch of 21 DAY WEBSITE BUILD & LAUNCH BLUEPRINT  This offer has not been released publicly and will never be available again at this price.

What will you Learn?


Your Unshakeable Belief

Building & Launching a Conversion Optimised Website Starts Here. In this Module, you will learn how you can overcome your limiting beliefs about your design & tech skills and that you can do anything you set your mind to. You will learn how you can achieve this by embodying your future self and harness the power of brain science and neuroplasticity that you can change your old stories and rewrite the new ones.


Attracting Your Dream Clients

In this module, you will learn how to craft your Message So That It Speaks Directly To Your Dream Clients. You will learn to uncover their deepest pain/struggles and desires and craft your message to address exactly those, so that it will not only attract your dream clients but also repel those who are NOT.


Your Irresistible Offer

Once you have crafted the message, the next step is to actually be able to create the right offers. How can you make your offers/services so irresistible so that your Dream Clients will say yes?


Your Online Real Estate

Your website is your online home. Not your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest account. Those can be taken away. We all know that a strong foundation for a physical home is so important right? It’s equally important for your website, your online home. In this module, you will learn to set up a Strong Foundation for Your Online Home.


Your Website Build

And this is the most exciting part! Now you get to build your high converting website, brick-by-brick that will ATTRACT your DREAM CLIENTS, convert them into leads and paying customers. 



Launching Your Lead & Sales Generating Machine And now time to celebrate your new home and start getting leads and clients! KA-CHING!!

Here's what's included...

5 Core Video Modules

5 Core Modules of over 32 bite-sized actionable Video Lessons where I hold your hand and show you the exact steps to build & launch your high converting website.

Future Self Workbook

Instead of waiting to become in the future, you start embodying and BEing your future self version that will inspire you to do things your future self does, NOW.

Dream Client Workbook

Understand your Dream Clients pains and desires so you can craft your message and offers that speak directly to your Dream Clients.

Lead Magnet template

This template will expedite your way to creating a lead magnet your Dream Clients will be attracted to and will be wanting to give you their precious email address!

High-Converting Copy Guide

Your website copy is without a doubt one of the crucial aspects when it comes to converting a visitor into a lead and turn them into paying customers. With this guide you can articulate your entire website copy in a day, even if you are not a copywriter!

brand template kit

With this brand template kit you can create a brand logo and brand colours in no time, even if you are not a designer!
Most importantly you can create something that speaks to your Dream Client while bringing your vision to life.

Website template kit

Not ALL websites are created equal. With the website template kit, you can build a high-converting website that will attract your Dream Clients in record time.
(based on 4 Core pages Website- Home, About, Service/Work with Me & Contact)

SEO Keyword planner

This will help you to set up your pages with keywords that your Dream Clients are looking for to either move away from their pain or move towards their desires.

Customer Journey Map

You will have a clear intention and map a journey your Dream Client will go through from the moment they land on your website and as they navigate around your website.

BONUS: Additonal Website template kits

There will be additional Website Template Kits for you to change to if you decide to change the look and feel your website later in the future.
(To be delivered end of March 2023)

BONUS: Additonal Brand template kits

Additional Brand Template Kits if you wish to change the look and feel of your brand.
(To be delivered end of March 2023)

BONUS: All Future updates

Any future updates will be added to your learning portal


1:1 Voxer Support for 21 Days (During Office Hours)

What is the investment?

Regular Price—-> $1197  

 Exclusive Beta Price for First 5 FOUNDING MEMBERS—-> $597 ONLY

Payment Plan Available.

When does it start?

The Course will be delivered to you on 23 February 2023 & you can access the private FOUNDING MEMBERS ONLY community immediately!

BUILD & LAUNCH your HIGH-CONVERTING website in 21 days or less, so that you can start attracting your dream clients and converting them into leads and paying customers.

7 Day Guarantee


I understand that these are challenging times and you need to feel like you’re making a good investment. 

I am so confident that if you follow this blueprint and take action, you will build & launch a conversion optimised website to start getting leads and sales. 

But I also understand the investment, so offer an unconditional money back guarantee. If you are not thrilled with the value you receive this course and resources, just email us within 7 days of enrolling in the program and I will issue you a full refund.

Hello there, I'm Sabita

 21 DAY WEBSITE BUILD & LAUNCH BLUEPRINT is born because I know how frustrating it can be as an entrepreneur, spinning the wheels, the never-ending Google search combined with the YouTube rabbit hole trying to learn how to (do something)…..

The sole aim of this course is to empower you to build & launch your own website in just 21 days or less, no matter what limiting beliefs held you back in the past, so that you can start attracting your Dream Clients, converting them into leads and paying customers.

Now say Goodbye to YouTube rabbit hole, late night crying in front of your computer, pulling out hair, delayed launches, haphazard websites and say Hello to beautiful websites that speak to your Dream Clients!

Now you just want someone to hold your hand and show you step-by-step how to build & launch your professional, high-converting website and start bringing in the leads and sales that you need and deserve!

So, I’ve packaged up all of my years of corporate experience & knowledge in design, user experience, SEO and customer service  to offer this super simple step-by-step blueprint to help you Build & Launch your high-converting website so you can start getting leads & paying customers!


 in just 3 weeks, you have already pressed the “launch” button on your website that looks beautiful and reflects who you are. You are already starting to get new leads, potential clients booking calls and even started getting sales!

Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! 🤑

You feel so proud that you are able to achieve all this, and amazed how easy it is for your dream clients to say “yes” to your offers!!!


I AM READY to Finally Build & Launch my website so I can start generating Leads &
Paying Customers.

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