What if you could Finally Figure Out How you can Turn your website into
a Client & Sales generating machine?

so that you can finally focus in your zone of genius and serve & impact lives you have always wanted

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Does this sound like you?

What if I told you there was a better way?

Imagine this…

Your website bringing you more clients and sales.

Website visitors loving your website and how you position yourself.

More visitors converting into clients and sales.

I have a Solution for you…


It’s great that you have a website.
But that doesn’t mean it’s actually making you money…

You know your website could use some improvements, but you aren’t sure what to do (and are tired of constantly tweaking it!)…

Problem is, you can’t afford or are not ready for 

a complete website design.

That’s exactly where a WEBSITE AUDIT comes in!

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THIS IS FOR YOU, IF you are ready to:

Here's what's Included

Here’s what I look at when auditing your WordPress website so that you don’t end up leaving money on the table:

Website Design

Maybe your website is pretty and does align with your vision, but does it  speak to your ideal audience?

Do they stick around to take that core action that you would like them to take?

Client Journey

What would you like your website visitors to do once they land on your website?

Have you made their journey from a visitor to a subscriber or a paying client as easy as possible?

User Experience

Can the visitors navigate easily or they need to go through a maze?

Is your website intuitive?
Is your website accessible?

How does it display on a mobile device

Conversion Optimisation

Can a visitor at a glance see what they need to do?

Do they need to scroll and click many times to get to the next step?

Are there clear call-to-action buttons?

Search Engine Optimisation

How easy is it for people to find your website?

A massive number of potential clients are looking for offers just like yours on search engines.

Improving how your website can be found is crucial to organically grow your reach.

Techy Bits & Bobs

Analysis of your website health, performance and speed.

Content optimisation – page headers, titles, tags, images etc.

Any site issues such as broken links, unfriendly URLs that are diverting traffic away?

Here's how the Website Audit works:



Place Your Order

Order your Website Audit today by clicking on the button below, sharing a few details about your site and completing your payment.



Sit back while I do the work

Once your Website Audit is purchased, I’ll get to work reviewing all of the key elements of your website from design to conversion optimisation to SEO and beyond. 

Then I’ll record  a step-by-step video showing you everything I’ve spotted to help your website work harder so you can make more sales.

Once your Website Audit is booked all you have to do is get excited to receive your audit in 5-7 business days!

Oh, and there’s no need to book a call or add more work. I know you have a very busy schedule!



Receive your Report

Once I’ve finished auditing your website, you’ll receive a pdf report as well as a recorded walk-through video showing you where you can make impactful tweaks so you can optimise your website. 

All in plain English. No tech jargon, I promise!



Be Empowered to Make the Right Choice for YOU!

Now you can dive in to making those high-impact tweaks yourself, or book me for a VIP Intensive, if you would like to have a website revamp so that it becomes a Sales Generating Machine!

Hi there, I'm Sabita!

I created WordPress Website Audit because I know how frustrating it can be not knowing what to do when your website is NOT generating enough (or any) sales

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your website and it hasn’t been bringing the results you thought it would.

Now you just want someone to tell you what to do to make it work for your business and start bringing in the leads and sales that you need and deserve!

So, I’ve packaged up all of my years of corporate experience & knowledge in design, user experience, SEO and customer service  to offer this super in-depth, yet totally tech-jargon free, opportunity for you to get the clarity so you can turn your website into a sales generating machine!


Kind words from fellow TCP Graduate

Kind words..

And just so we're clear...
(Because we don't believe in wasting time)

You're in the right place if:

This is not for you if:


While I do not offer services to fix or tweak existing websites that are not built by me, I would love to help you with building a new website following your audit. 

I offer VIP intensive and Website in a Week services.

That’s super exciting!

Sure you can take up the VIP Intensive service to have me build your brand new website.

Sure, I can help to review the changes you have made.

For my Website Audit clients, I have a special discount on my Strategy session. Just let me know if you would like one!

Technically, yes I can. But for transparency, WordPress is my expertise.

The I record the review and send the video report with screen recordings as well as a PDF report. 

So no, you don’t need to book a call with me. I know how busy you are!

The audit report will be delivered to you between 5-7 business days from the date you place your order.

If you have taken up additional offers with the audit service, those offers will be delivered at an agreed date, depending on the type of offer and my availability. I will be in touch separately regarding those additional offers.

Sure absolutely!

Please contact me and we can arrange a time for a zoom call.

If you have taken up additional offers with the audit service, those offers will be delivered at an agreed date, depending on the type of offer and my availability. I will be in touch separately regarding those additional offers.

I AM READY to Finally Figure out How I can Turn My website into a
Sales generating machine.

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